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Today’s the day when their new single ‘All For You’ goes to Swedish radio. But they’ve kindly uploaded a clip to their official facebook page for fans to listen to.

But what does it sound like?!

‘All For You’ sounds like it’s going to be wonderful. It’s very upbeat, compared to what we were expecting. It’s classic Ace of Base, whilst not sounding anything like ‘The Sign’ or ‘All That She Wants’. More ‘Beautiful Life’ (although far more bang up to date of course) or something from the ‘Flowers’ album. And that’s all we, or any of their fans wanted really – classic Ace of Base.

Musically it’s very synth heavy, and there’s lots going on in it. The drama drums at the end of the chorus sound quite brilliant. The melody isn’t instant, but it does sound like it’s a haunter. And it’s got some repetition in the chorus too, which always makes any song better! ‘’oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh’’!

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