Isak Danielson: ‘Long Live This Love’

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An incredible debut. This is a bit WOW. Isac Danielseon and ‘Long Live This Love’.

He’s from the same team behind Zara Larsson, and with ‘Long Live This Love’ it would appear that they’re (rightfully so) positioning him to be almost like the male Zara Larsson. Like her hit ‘Uncover’ that was released around this time last year, ‘Long Live This Love’ is the type of song that we can imagine becoming huge in Sweden for him – huge enough to attract some international interest too. It’s an epic, 4 minute long piano ballad that’s heavy on the emotion, and brilliantly close to breaking under its own fragility.The voice on him is super impressive – and not the mature vocal you would expect to come belting out from a guy his age (we think he’s only 16, possibly even as young as 15). Thankfully he’s been given a song that allows him to show off the extent of what his voice can do. And it’s good enough to bring him the attention that voice deserves.

Isak Danielson found fame on X Factor Sweden last year, finishing third.

For some criminal reason, this hasn’t yet been released onto iTunes. Despite 40,000 views on YouTube so far. But we’re sure that there’s a very good reason for that. There has to be. There must be some very big plans in store for this guy.


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