Swedish teen pop lady ISA returned today with a new single and video. It’s the very good and very lovely ‘What Are We’.

We first fell in love ISA a couple of years back when she quite literally exploded onto the pop scene with a song called ‘BOMB’. Amazing. New single ‘What Are We’ is another r&b pop number, although this one takes down the tempo a couple of notches. It’s an r&b beat ballad in the style of JoJo. Enormously melodic and a little bit of a saddener too. As we suspected from her VOX the first time around, ISA has the capacity to deliver the emotional ballad to its full potential. And bringing home a big ballad like this is always the mark of a potentially very good popstar. And thus there we have ISA.

They’ve promised we won’t have to wait another couple of years before the next song. With more pop releases planned throughout the summer and autumn. Keep an ear out. Or just keep reading this site – we will most probably be featuring everything she does. We like her.

‘What Are We’ was written by Lauren Dyson, Marco Rakascan, and Allan Eshuijs. Produced by Marco Rakashcan.

Here’s the song and video;

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