ISA: ‘BOMB’ – in full!

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That amazing new song ‘BOMB’ by that amazing new artist ISA is now available to listen to online in full. Rejoice! And once again, we must stress that the capitalisation is the artist’s own, and not just us being over zealous. For once.

We posted a preview of it last month, and raved about how great it is. So let’s not repeat ourselves. Let’s just say that it’s now finally been released in Sweden, and it’s been sitting comfortably inside the top 10 on iTunes for most of the week.

The full song has been helpfully synced to a video of her performing the song at the recent Solna street dance festival. So as well as enjoying the tunage at hand, you can also get a good idea of what this ISA starlet is all about when she’s doing her thing.

cos I’ma bomb bomb, I’ma bomb bomb, duck and cover, duck and cover, here I come come, I’ma bomb bomb“. WHAT a chorus.

Bomb - Single - Isa



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