Invader Girl: ‘Starting Fires’

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Remember that Danish newcomer in 2012 who BURST onto the scene with three awesome songs and then just stopped? Cinnamon Girl! Well now she’s back. As Invader Girl. And actually she never quite disappeared – she continued to be amazing on Twitter. @InvaderGirl, y’all.

Today she finally premiered (over on Wonderland Magazine) her first song as Invader Girl. It’s called ‘Starting Fires’ and don’t worry – none of the awesomeness has been lost within the name change. ‘Starting Fires’ is like, properly brill.

It’s electro, it’s POP, and it’s stadium rock within a massive arena somewhere out in space. It’s futuristic – in that it sounds like it’ll still be playing through your headphones in six months’ time. It’s gonna be a big jam of ours throughout the foreseeable future anyway, we can just tell.

She also put out an MS MR remix a while back too, if you’re interested. But really, it’s ALL about the real thing.

Listen to the song and watch the unicorn-tastic video;


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