Introducing……Years Away!

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New Swedish melancholica melodica electronica ahoy.

Meet Years Away – made up of Anna Berglund and Simon Eriksson. They only popped up online around a week ago, but they brought with them two strong songs to serve as an impressive introduction to them.

Said tracks are ‘Eraserhead’ and ‘Starting Fires’, the latter of which they’ve also filmed a video for. Although it’s actually ‘Eraserhead’ that we prefer out of the two. That was the first one we listened to, and from the intro we were hooked. A fantastic production and a beautiful use of piano – and that was even before the vocal had started. It’s a triumph of Scandielectropop – a genre from which you always think you’ve heard it all before, and then something like ‘Eraserhead’ comes along. ‘Starting Fires’ is perhaps the more subdued beauty of the two, although in fairness, it too produces its own fair amount of banging drums towards the end.

Both songs are very good though.

And helpfully, they’re both available on iTunes worldwide.


Eraserhead - Single - Years Away

Starting Fires

Starting Fires - Single - Years Away



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