Who? Swedish artists Tora and Elvira have gotten together to form the duo Velocet. And to introduce themselves, they launch with a song named after their home city – ‘Stockholm’.
What’s it like? Ice-cool Scandinavian synthpop that’s been infused with blissed-out trap, to form a soundscape that immediately separates itself from so much of what else out there at the moment.
Written by? The girls themselves, along with Harry Westin, Inti Zamora and Lorentz Alexander. Lorentz also produced it.
As in, ‘the’ Lorentz? The very one. As well as being Velocet’s first single, ‘Stockholm’ is also the first release on Lorentz’s new record label Switching Lanes.

You can find ‘Stockholm’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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