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Over the last few months, two music producers that we have OODLES of respect for here in Stockholm, have each said to us – separate of each other – that there’s a multi talented and very much brill new Swedish pop lady that we should be keeping an eye out for. Her name is Tove Lo. Obviously we’ve investigated. And we’re liking what we hear so far. A lot.

Tove Lo. A young female singer from Stockholm. That’s pretty much all we know about her. But that doesn’t really matter, because ’tis the tunes we’re mostly interested in. And they’re good. There are three that you can browse through on her Soundcloud page.

There’s not yet a single on the horizon, per se. However, a video is on its way for one of the three songs ‘Love Ballad‘ – a track which already earns “interesting” points for not even being a ballad. Instead it’s an up-tempo pop jaunt that’s rousingly melodic in both it’s production and it’s topline.

Then there’s ‘Evil Spawn‘. That’s set in the same mold as ‘Love Ballad’ but with the synths ramped up a lot more. It’s also got this enjoyable characteristic of having an obscenely happy melody paired with the crushingly cutting lyrics you would expect from a song titled ‘Evil Spawn’. It’s a song that’s amazing enough to be a first single. But it’s not – and then you see the word ‘demo’ in brackets beside the title and you realise that the finished version is actually going to be even better than what you’ve just heard. Mindboggling stuff, readers.

Finally there’s ‘Paradise’, which is our favourite of the three. No faint praise when you take into consideration what it’s competing against for that accolade. It’s streaming below for your attention and admiration, but really we’d recommend that you check out all three songs. ‘Paradise’ gels in with the previous two tracks and cements the sound and style of Tove Lo. And it’s a sound and style that we’re tremendously excited about hearing more of in the future.

Welcome to popworld, Tove Lo. Please PLEASE stay.

Oh – one more thing – she’s writing with Icona Pop too, by the way!



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