Anyone ready for a new Swedish boyband?

Well here they are.

The Fooo. Whom, despite not yet having released a single, have already achieved the sort of exposure that a lot of Scandipop artists we write about, simply never achieve. At the base of it all seems to be a video that’s gone viral. It shows the chaps performing a painstakingly choreographed dance routine in the middle of a Stockholm shopping street, Drottninggatan. They’re singing one of their own songs – a novelty number called ‘Kangaroos’. Which on first listen seems quite WTF, but on second listen becomes ridiculously catchy. So yes, a novelty hit in waiting.

In the last two weeks, their online success (or perhaps the work of a great management team. But more than likely a combination of both of those factors) has saw them perform as the support act for Justin Bieber on the Swedish leg of his tour, plus be invited on to TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon to perform ‘Kangaroos’, and onto SVT’s God Morgon Sverige to talk about themselves. And this week they released a follow-up video to ‘Kangaroos’. Another heavily choreographed performance of a new song (‘Man Over Board’) in another public place (Stockholm’s Centralstation). And that one’s already amassed over 20,000 views in just five days.

Felix Sandman, Omar Rudberg, Oscar Molander and Oscar Enestad make up The Fooo. And in their own words, “we are bunch of guys who sing, dance and take charm to a whole new level!“. So there you have it.

You can watch both of their videos below, plus the TV4 performance.

No word yet on when an explosive debut single is gonna be released. But according to their management (the same team behind Ulrik Munther), it’s gonna be a while, but there are already some amazing songs in the bag and recorded.

It’s not too much a stretch to see that these guys are most probably gonna be huge, and with it quite good. So it’s best you familiarise yourselves with them now;


Man Over Board

Kangaroos (TV4 performance)


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