INTRODUCING: The FLIGHTS – ‘Smile On Our Face’

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Who are The FLIGHTS? A brand new Swedish production duo who release their debut single this week.
Yeah but who ARE they? Two Swedish writers and producers Maria Marcus (Girls’ Generation, Afrojack, Sanna Nielsen, Andreas Lundstedt) and Fredrik Thomander (Isac Elliot, Darin, Agnes, *NSync). Funny story here. They moved to Palma de Mallorca – separately of each other. Passed each other on the street one day. Recognised each other from the recording studios of Stockholm. Spared a thought for fate. Started working together on music. Now they’re The FLIGHTS, and they’ll be releasing a new song every month. This is the first. ‘Smile On Our Face’.
What’s it like? A gorgeous synthpop track that’s based on an irresistible piano riff, and topped off with Maria’s ph’nom vocal (the lady behind the songs can sing too). The song flirts with tropical house and alludes to deep house – but is pure pop at its heart.
Best bit? The middle eight.
Why? ‘Cos the melody flips out and stuff.


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