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(photo: Natalie Yonan)

Who? 18 year old singer and songwriter Svea Kågemark from Sweden. She’s now out with her debut single and video. ‘Don’t Mind Me’.
What’s it like? A mightily impressive debut single that serves as a big chorus’d pop song with a definite r&b flavour and edge. Brilliantly catchy, and on first listen too.
What does SVEA say? “I’ve been singing for most of my life, but only just discovered my passion for songwriting six months ago. When I was in Copenhagen in March, I wrote this song together with three amazing people: Celine, Lau and Jeppe. The minute I left the studio, I knew it would be my first single. For me, “Don’t Mind Me” is about self-love and self-dependence. I want to encourage young women to enjoy their own company.”
Written by? You heard the girl – Celine, Lau, Jeppe and her! That’s SVEA herself, along with Jeppe London Bilsby, Lauritz Emil Christiansen and Celine Svanbäck.

You can find ‘Don’t Mind Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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