INTRODUCING: Stockholm Noir – ‘Hopeless Dreams’ (The Versions)

Christ, the chorus on this one! We’ll hand you over to Stockholm Noir themselves for this one, as in all honesty their own press release (below) sums them up far more succinctly than we ever could. All we will say is get acquainted with this now! Our only gripe is that it’s too short. We gladly have another minute of it. Or two.

WE ARE: Stockholm Noir
MAY BE REFERRED TO AS: The black shadow of electronic music.
FORMED: During the 8 month winter darkness in Sweden.

WE CREATE: A darker side of electronic music that has always been present but never mentioned.
WE EXPERIMENT: With dynamic sounds and effects.
VEILED: Behind unique masks at all occasions, letting the music speak for itself.

RESULT: The striking debut single Hopeless Dreams

We’re bumping this up to the top of the homepage again. In truth it’s because it’s turned into one of our favourite songs of the year, but we’ve actually got an ‘official’ reason too. And that’s because Stockholm Noir have released two new versions of the track. There’s the acoustic re-imagining, which turns the song into a piano ballad and puts the focus solely on the striking vocals. And there’s the dance remix, which…..well……does all that a dance remix entails really.

You can find ‘Hopeless Dreams’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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