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Introducing? Kind of. If you’ve been a long time reader of Scandipop then you’ll be very familiar with Saie Saie. She used to release (very good) music as Alex Saidac. But now she’s split with everyone behind that ‘era’, hot-footed it to the US to work on some brand new music (all on her own), and changed her artist name to Saie Saie. ‘Multiply’ is the first taste we get of all of that. And you can listen to it below.
So it goes without saying that she’s changed her sound somewhat then? Absolutely. To say that it’s a lot more organic than what’s come before from her would be too much of an understatement.
But ‘We Shine’ was a jam and a half! It really was. But ‘Multiply’ has oddles of charm all by itself. A corker of a lyric, a dreamy production, and a strangely hypnotic guitar. And y’all know guitars ain’t normally our bag.
What does she say about it all? “I am a ‘do it yourself’ person. I don’t like to wait for anybody. If I want a record label, I am going to make one. If I want to release my music, I am going to do it. Nothing can stop me. Growing up and seeing my mom starting up her own company from 0 to 100 with two kids on her arm; I’ve had the best female role model you can possibly have. She made me realize that I can do whatever I want. So I am doing just that; exactly what I want.”


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