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Incredible name. We know, right? A Scandinavian (Norwegian, to be precise) girlband called S’Candy. Love it.
Any music yet? Today they release their very first single, ‘Damage Control’.
Poptastic? Actually they’ve gone for more of an r&b sound. But the poppier side of r&b, of course. Think Tymes 4, if you’re British and of a certain age.
And who are the people behind the song? Well S’Candy are made up of Lisa, Christina, Rosa and Marie. And the writers behind ‘Damage Control’ are L. Samuelsen, D. Carr, M. Bjelke.

Spotify and Soundcloud stream below. And you can watch them perform ‘Damage Control’ on Norwegian TV right here (just scroll down to the entry on 16/10/2014)

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