Who? Paula Jivén is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden. And this weekend she released her debut single – ‘What Are You Hungry For?’.
What’s it like? A beautifully dreamy tune that encourages you to bliss out under its tranquil spell of hypnosis. An exciting debut single that would very much suit fans of the likes of Frida Sundemo, or just simply great pop music in general.
What does Paula say?WAYHF? is a song about self-sabotage and self-doubt, but also covering growth and self-love. I wrote it to a close friend who was going through a personal crisis. I wanted to bring comfort and love to her distress, give her a sense of peace but also reflect on the big questions, if you see what I mean? That’s where the question comes in. What Are You Hungry For? What brings meaning and joy, and – you name it – to your life? That’s the question that I want to ask you. Because I want to know!
Written by? Paula herself, along with Lauren Aquilina and Madelene Eliasson.

You can find ‘What Are You Hungry For?’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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