We’ve got a brand new group to get acquainted with. Five chaps from Alta – AKA ‘the Alaska of Norway’. Meet NorthKid. That’s Helge, Håkon, Bilal, Sebastian, and Vegard. Tomorrow they release their debut single ‘Firefly’. And today they’re giving Scandipop readers an exclusive first listen. We love them already.

The song was written by two of the band members themselves (Håkon and Helge), along with Jesper Borgen (who has been behind hits from Alan Walker and Marcus & Martinius) and Mike Hartung (who has contributed to tunes by Astrid S and Highasakite). Jesper and Mike also produced, along with Norwegian music industry stalwart Kåre Vestrheim.

It’s a super catchy pop track that positions them somewhere between a boyband and one of those rock groups that aren’t afraid to flirt with a bit of synthpop. It’s a bit of a blast in its mere clocking-in-at-just-over-three-minutes length. And reveals itself to be an instant keeper on first listen.

The press release gave us some facts about each of the boys. And each one features some ADORABLE Scandinavian humour, so we’re doing a copy and paste job for you right here;

  • Helge has starred in an episode of SKAM, well if you pause at the right moment you can catch a glimpse of his back. But still.
    Bilal, the lead singer and the youngest, used to have stage fright, but after his dad forced him to sing in church he overcame it. He’s not religious though, and swears a lot for his age.
    Håkon, the sensitive one, likes to flirt and skate. The ultimate boy band member. Also: Is a model.
    Sebastian is quiet, so we don’t know a lot about him. He seems nice though. He’s the Zayn of the group; we hope he doesn’t quit.
    Vegard is the Most Adult of them all. He likes books and gaming, kind of a nerd actually. And by not being single he’s every boyband manager’s worst nightmare.

And here’s the debut single, out tomorrow;

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