Who? Swedish singer and songwriter Linnea Samuelsson, or Nezen, as is her artist moniker. She’s previously released tunes as a featured artist with producer Lucas Estrada, but now releases her debut single and video – ‘F.F.U.B’.
F.F.U.B? Falling For You Boy.
Sweet. What’s it like? A summer-tinged pop tune that’s infectiously chilled-out, but still manages to draw you in via some super-catchy vocal riffs.
What does Nezen say inspired the song? “A guy I liked went home with a girl who was my complete opposite. I remember thinking I wasn’t good enough for him, but then I realised I wouldn’t want to change for him.” 
Written by? Nezen herself, along with Linnea Deb. Produced by Joy Deb.

You can find ‘F.F.U.B’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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