We’re getting massively hyped for this exciting new artist. Born and raised in Stockholm, to Finnish and French descent, it’s a good idea to be getting acquainted with Michel Young. Discovered by Victoria Ekeberg, who is now managing him (she’s the manager who took September to global success), he’s spent the last twelve months or so in the studio with Jonas von der Burg. Writing, finding his sound, recording, honing his craft. And he’s now been signed to independent Swedish label 4 On The Floor. They’ve sent us a few of the songs that Michel and Jonas have created together, and we’re LOVING what we’ve heard so far. He’s got himself a soulful vocal that incorporates a lot of personality and charm. And he’s proven to have gotten the hang of this pop melody business quite quickly. Though that’s not too surprising given his current mentor.

The first taste of Michel Young’s music arrives today! He’s released ‘Nobody’s Holy’, featuring Therese. Yes – THAT Therese. It packs an almighty chorus, that sticks like sticky stuff. And we reckon they’ve gone with the right song to launch him with. Though we’re very excited about what else is to come from him. The song was written by Jonas von der Burg, Niclas von der Burg, Anoo Bhagavan, Therese Grankvist, and Michel Young himself.

You can find ‘Nobody’s Holy’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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