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Who? Formerly a four piece girlband Lovelipop (managed and launched by YOHIO), they were sort of upstaged a few months after their debut by another girlband with a similar concept but doing it a lot larger – Dolly Style! Now though, the girls have relaunched as a three piece, changed their look, and got themselves a new name – LVLUP. And they’ve just released their debut single and video. Here’s ‘Beautiful’.
What’s it like? A sugary synth ballad that harks back to the 90s – not just in sound and style, but in the sense that it was a time when 12 year olds bought CDs. It’s good for the ears, but very VERY bad for the teeth.
And who are the girls? That would be Lilin (who wrote the music), and Impa and Victoria (who wrote the lyrics along with Lilin. So they’ve said bye bye to Nea.
More from the girls? They’ve also been uploading cover versions of East Asian hits to their YouTube channel, if you fancy a gander.


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