Who is Linnea? 20 year old Linnea Dam Ebbesen from Helsinge in Denmark. She won the most recent series of Popstars in Denmark. And this is her debut single ‘Tomme Ord’. It’s been a massive hit for her in Denmark this summer. You can listen to it via Spotify below, or by clicking “hør” at this link.
What’s it like? Cool electronica crossed with piano house. Icy Scandinavian pop that is as exciting as debut singles get. We want more from Linnea already.
Written by? Linnea Dam herself, along with Jeppe Federspiel, Rasmus Stabell, Engelina Andrina Larsen, and Mass Ebdrup.
Wait – so the Popstars show is still going in Denmark?! Bafflingly so, yes. Though is seemingly quite big – with both Medina and Søren Rasted (Aqua and Hej Matematik) as judges on the show. Medina’s connection to the show also got Linnea hooked up with her producers – ‘Tomme Ord’ is by the same team behind Medina’s biggest hits.


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