INTRODUCING: Laura Druzy – ‘Toy Boy’

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Who? Danish newcomer Laura Druzy has just released her second single out into the world. Catching our attention with a killer pop hook, it’s ‘Toy Boy’.
What’s it like? A hell of a lot of fun, effortlessly charming, and something that you want to keep coming back to for a repeat performance – so not unlike the very notion of a Toy Boy itself, all in all!
What does Laura say?It’s a cliché when you say to your heartbroken friend, ‘You just have to find someone older. A real man, not a young, immature guy’. It made me think about the gender role pressure that is put on men and young guys in terms of how they should behave and be in a modern heterosexual relationship. But I hope you feel the humorous and self-deprecating undertone.
Written by? Laura Druzy and Peter Biker.
More from Laura? At the end of last year she released her debut single – ‘A Beautiful Thing‘.

You can find ‘Toy Boy’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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