Who? Lance & Linton are two friends who hail from Sweden and have just gotten together to make some music. Lance Hedman-Graaf is the son of Magdalena Graaf (so we know he’s got some excellent pop form), had his own TV series, and has just finished 3rd on Let’s Dance in Sweden. We’ve done a quick Google search on Linton Calmroth, but are none the wiser, sorry guys!
And more about this music please? The first single has just been released – ‘Best Time’s Right Now’.
What’s it like? Epic, radio-friendly, Swedish-branded, country pop. You know the sort. You’ve heard it done plenty of times before in recent years. But this is a particularly excellent example of the genre. Adorably uplifting.
Written by? The song was written and produced by Lance & Linton themselves, along with Niklas Carson Mattsson and Kevin Högdahl.

You can find ‘Best Time’s Right Now’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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