INTRODUCING: Kastrup – ‘Thieves’

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Who are Kastrup? A new Swedish duo made up of two gents (so not the two in the pic – those are the video stars), Timmie Strandberg and Puppe Westberg. Imagine having a boyfriend called Puppe! ADORABLE!
And what’s ‘Thieves’ like? A beautifully melodic track that grabbed us on first listen. It’s so sing-song sing-a-along. As regular readers you’ll know that music dressed up in a package such as this (indie boys, guitars) isn’t really our go-to for a good tune. But this one is a gem of the genre. Thanks mainly to that melody, but also how its delivered by one of the guys (we don’t know if it’s Timmie singing or pat-on-the-head cuddly Puppe).
Best bit? The 3:10 mark when the final chorus EXPLODES back into the song. It’s quite the moment.
More from Kastrup? Well ‘Thieves’ is actually their second single, not their debut. You can listen to their debut single ‘Lydia’ here.


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