Who? Well actually, regular Scandipop readers may well already be familiar with the girl behind Junie. It’s Swedish artist Maia Wright, who earlier this year came out with the fabulous disco tune ‘View‘. She’s now launching an artist career under the moniker of Junie. Perhaps to release material in Swedish? Or perhaps as now her sole artist project? We’re not sure. Either way, she’s not out with her debut single. ‘Ett Steg Fram’.
What does that mean? One Step Forward.
Fitting! Quite.
What’s the song like? A rousing bop that’s big on the beats, despite essentially being a mid-tempo guitar-pop tune. Everything is hammered home via a catchy whistle riff.
Written by? Junie herself, along with David Björk.
More from Junie? She recently featured on a track with Norlie & KKV – ‘Komma Över Dig‘.

You can find ‘Ett Steg Fram’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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