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Meet a brand new pairing together of two well known Swedish music minds.

Julian & Marina are Julian Brandt and Marina Schiptjenko. Marina you will know (and admire) from her days in BWO, and PAGE. Julian himself has also had a lengthy career, although has only ever graced the pages of Scandipop that time he released a duet with Anne-Lie Rydé (such exquisite taste that man has in his collaborating partners).

Together they’re a new electro outfit, and they’ve just yesterday put a new track online for people to listen to and to get some idea of their sound. It’s ‘Blockin The Line’ – a song made up of a strange marriage between the understated and the euphoric. Julian sings the downplayed verses first, and then the song totally changes gear when Marina comes in to add her vocal, accompanied by a lush new layer on the production. Uppers and downers in electronic form.

Also check out ‘Moon & The Stars’ below that. It’s a song they put online late last year, sounding like second album era Goldfrapp. Like a cross between ‘All Night Operator’ and ‘Hairy Trees’.

Blockin The Line

Moon & The Stars

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