Here’s a fresh new Swedish talent that you lot should be familiarising yourselves with. Well, actually the songs have been up on her Soundcloud page for three months now, so perhaps some of you are already well familiar with her. But we hadn’t seen or heard anything about her until a reader emailed us about her two weeks ago. And we’ve been loving the lady ever since.

Julia Vero is the artist, and Julia Boman is the lady behind the artist. She’s been working feverishly on an EP with Nicklas Sandström and Erik Moberg, and you can already listen to four tracks on her Soundcloud page. The aforementioned reader suggested that we listen to ‘Hollow’ first (and it’s the song which has by far the most plays on there). But in actual fact, that was our least favourite of the four songs. We’re much more in tune with the instant rip-roaring electropop of ‘Leave It All Behind’ and ‘Agila’, and the melodic and touching electroballadry of ‘Fireman’. The songs wouldn’t sound too out of place on an EP by Frida Sundemo, so we’d hazard a guess that if you’re currently enjoying ‘Indigo’, as a hell of a lot of people are, then you’re probably gonna like Julia Vero too.

On her Facebook page, she cites her influences as simply “Revenge”. Now whether that’s the TV show or the act itself, we don’t know. But either way, it makes us love her even more!

A brand new Swedish pop lady, with four songs to show off – three of which we would class as an 8/10 or above. We’re marking that down as an exciting discovery, and one to listen out for in the future.

Listen and see if you agree;

Leave It All Behind





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