INTRODUCING: Joel Herttua – ‘Syntinen’

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(photo: Tomi Palsa)

Who? A new Finnish group comprised of five musicians (Joel Mäkinen, Tuomas Wäinölä, Paul Elias, Anssi Nykänen and Heini-Mari Herkkola) from around the Finnish music industry who have come together to make some pretty special music. The band is called Joel Herttua, and their debut single is called ‘Syntinen’.
What does that mean? SINNER!
Fabulous. What is the song like? Well they cite ABBA, The Ark and Queen amongst their influences – and it shows in their debut single. ‘Syntinen’ is a camp pop masterpiece that in parts sounds like it’s been ripped straight from a rock opera, and in other parts sounds taken from an Army of Lovers greatest hits collection. It’s dripping in drama and decadence and we were hanging on every syllable of their Finnish gospel.
Written by? Joel Mäkinen, Mikko Pohjola and Tuomas Wäinölä.
More from Joel Herttua? A song this absurd deserves a music video to match – and they’ve certainly delivered on that front as well. Quite suitable that it’s been released on Easter weekend, too…

You can find ‘Syntinen’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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