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IIIII?! How am I supposed to pronounce that? Apparently you can call them “LINES” when speaking. But “IIIII” when you’re spreading the word about them in text. For they are ‘IIIII’.
And who are IIIII? We’ve been told that “IIIII (LINES) originated out of the Stockholm indie and underground club scene. The four members came together to collaborate and make something new, something they’ve been longing to hear themselves”. The first EP comes out in early 2015.
And ‘PEOPLE’ is the debut single? That’s correct. And it’s certainly “something new”. It’s a big track that we fell in love with almost instantly. Around the 16 second mark, when it became evident that THAT vocal sample was going to form the basis of the whole song. Brilliant.
I recognise that woman’s voice. Very good. That’s Adele Kosman out of For BDK, whom you’ll have read about on here before.


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