Introducing Hilda – with ‘Just One Wish’!

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Here’s a new artist to get excited about!

Hilda has been plucked from the same stable of artists as Eric Saade – the Swedish Disney channel. For the last year or so she’s been making a name for herself on there, becoming one of the most popular personalities on the network. And now, to mirror Mr Saade even further, she’s now being managed by the same team behind him, and is being launched as a fully fledged pop star next year. And she’ll be working with the same writers and producers that created Eric’s fantastic ‘Masquerade’ album. So she’s definitely one that we’re looking forward to hearing more of in 2011.

For now though, she is releasing a Christmas single with Disney. And whilst it’s not indicative of what her music is going to sound like when she’s launched next year, it IS a thoroughly enjoyable piece of pop fare! It’s typical Disney guitar based pop music. Oh so sugary sweet, oh so cheerful, and oh so Hannah Montana. But with Swedish style melodies thrown into the mix. That description should let you know exactly what you’re getting. Lower your brow, tone down your supposed intelligence, and set your mind to just enjoying it for what it is – an uber fun Christmas track! That chorus is delightfully catchy, as is the refrain that’s repeated at the end of each one; ‘’all I want, all I want, all I want for Christmas is a….’’. We’ve had the song for a few weeks now, and trust us, once it grows on you, it doesn’t let you go! And nor do you want it to.

We’ve love the classy big band Christmas sound that the likes of Sarah Dawn Finer and Måns Zelmerlöw have given us this year with their albums. We’ve adored the beauty and semi ecclesiastical air of the Sanna, Shirley and Sonja record. But sometimes all you want from Christmas is a great big plastic tree, gaudy decorations, coloured lights, fabricated snow, and more sweets consumed in an hour than you would normally allow in a month! So ladies and gents – it’s Hilda with ‘Just One Wish’!

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention. She’s erm….14.

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