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What is with Denmark and their penchant for Goodle-unfriendly popstar names? First Christopher, and now Emma, whom we’ve been chatting with over the last couple of days about her music.

Emma is a 20 year old popstrel who is making damn good tunes. Although we hadn’t heard of her before she got in touch with us, we’ve since been swotting up on her and liking what we find.

Back in the day, she used to release Danish language tracks but since last year, she’s switched to English. ‘Crashing Down‘ was her first English language single, released at the end of last year. And just this week, she’s released the video for her second – ‘Hook Back Up’. And so it’s that one which we’re bringing to you today.

We liked it from the offset, not just because it’s really very good, but also because it’s got a sort of late 90’s and early 00’s pop vibe thing going on. Like all of those amazing tunes they used to whip out at the Cheiron studios in Stockholm. That’s quite in style right now, so we asked her if that was intentional. “It wasn’t our intention to make it 90-ish, you’re actually the first who points it out“, she replied. Oops! Ok then. Next we asked her about what we can expect from her debut album, and when we can expect it. That’s always a must-know. “If everything turns out right, we will release three new singles the next half year. We take one step at a time, and maybe there’s an album ready in 2013. Sound wise I think it will be a mixture of pop and R&B, with some ballads and more club friendly songs in between. I’m looking forward to develop as an artist“.

Three new singles in the next six months – hooray! We love it when an artist is generous with their release schedule. This is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship Emma. And we look forward to more pop gems like this;

Hook Back Up - Single - Emma



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