Introducing……Emma Lewin

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Emma Lewin – a name that we’re hoping to hear a lot in 2012, but a voice that we’ve already loved loads over the last few years or so.

For this Emma Lewin, well she started off as one third of Swedish girlband Caracola. Them of ‘Sommern├Ątt’, ‘Mango Nights’, ‘Vamos Vamos’, and ‘Smiling In Love’ brilliance. Then as Caracola disbanded, she became one half of pop duo Sheelah – who left a short but impressive legacy of two singles, ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Last Time’.

Now that Sheelah too have disbanded, it’s time for Emma Lewin to go out on her own as a solo artist. And based on what we know so far, this is going to good.

Six months ago she started working on her debut solo album, with two of our FAVOURITE songwriters and producers – Tony Nilsson and Henrik Janson. Those two chaps have recently been responsible for Velvet’s ‘The Queen’, Darin’s ‘You’re Out Of My Life’, Anders Ekborg’s ‘The Saviour’, Christian Walz’s ‘Like Suicide’, AND most importantly of all, one of our favourite songs of all time – Elin Lanto’s ‘Funeral’. Tony himself is also behind Selena Gomez & The Scene’s current smash ‘Hit The Lights’.

From these sessions, Emma has described her sound as ‘dancepop’ (more bonus points from us), and she’s also gifted us with a demo of a track that her, Tony and Henrik have been working on. It’s called ‘No Excuses’, it’s amazing, and it can be listened to here;

Amazing pop music doesn’t always guarantee success unfortunately. However, there’s one other reason as to why we think we’ll be hearing more from Emma Lewin in 2012. She’s currently going down quite well on the Swedish version of The Voice. Having made it through the initial round, she’s now been placed in Petter’s team, and will progress to the next stage of the show.

We hope that whatever happens on The Voice from here on in, Emma will be able to secure herself a record deal, and get the rest of those Tony Nilsson and Henrik Janson tunes released ASAP. It’s what’s best for Scandinavian pop music!


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