(photo: Johan Mauritzson)

Who? 17-year-old Clara Rubensson hails from the south-west of Sweden and has just released her debut single ‘Next To You’.
What’s it like? As we all know, the composition of a great pop chorus is a fine art. Clara has come straight out of the gates with one of the best ones we’ve heard all year. Cherish her, and it, at all costs.
Written by? Clara herself, along with Thomas TK Karlsson and Joakim Övrenius (Joakim also produced it).
More from Clara? Perhaps a lot more, pretty soon. She’s currently competing in the annual P4 Nästa competition, currently in the Kalmar stage of the contest. And if she wins, we’ll be seeing her at next year’s Melodifestivalen. No biggie.

You can find ‘Next To You’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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