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Who? A songwriter and producer from Stockholm who has just launched her own artist project and debut single. CILVR, and ‘Hideaway’.
What does CILVR say? Well she dropped us a line with a press release which sums her up pretty well, we’d say; “Scandinavian pop wonder CILVR was raised in a home of classical music and spent her childhood backstage in concert halls around the world. In her debut single “Hideaway” she combines her organic influences with electronic elements and creates a fresh indie-pop sound of her own.”
What does Scandipop say? Spot on. The first verse reminded us a bit of early Björk, and was all very well. But then THAT chorus arrived, which we weren’t prepared for. An absolute behemoth of a thing. We’ve been giving it plenty of listens this week, and the chorus still gets us SHOOKETH every. Single. Time.
Written by? CILVR herself, along with her production partner.

You can find ‘Hideaway’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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