But isn’t that?… Nope. It’s a brand new Swedish popstar. Who may or may not have named herself after Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill.
‘Swipe’? Her debut single and video, released today. It’s swipe as in what you do on Tindr. In Beatrix’s own words (well, our translation of what she said to us in Swedish): “I got dumped by my last boyfriend who I’d met on Tindr – which got me thinking about all the scummy guys on there. So let’s write a song about them!“.
And what’s it like? It’s a sax heavy, summer flavoured, novelty hit. We say ‘hit’ because that sax is so damn catchy. The whole thing is like a cross between ‘Selfie’ by The Chainsmokers, and ‘#nofilter’ by Norway’s Linni Meister.
Best lyric? WHERE do we start? Let’s go with these two choice cuts: “you kissed your ex in that pic, hey you seem like a dick” and “found a cutie who would do me every day of the week“.
And what’s the American accent? She’s actually half-Swedish and half-American, so it’s perfectly acceptable.


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