(photo credit: nyheter24.se)

One of the debutantes featured in today’s list of artists who will compete in Melodifestivalen 2013, is the name Anton Ewald. But although he’s a new face where fronting a pop song is concerned, he’s actually been on the Melodifestivalen stage before, and has built up quite a big fanbase already, via his more familiar entertainment outlet – dancing.

Danny Saucedo’s ‘Amazing’ and Andreas Lundstedt’s ‘Aldrig Aldrig’ are two of the more famous dance routines he’s been a part of over the last twelve months. He’s a fully trained dancer and choreographer who works full time within the profession. Having always wanted to sing though, he met up with Roxy Recordings (the Swedish record label home of Eric Saade, Agnes, and Sarah Dawn Finer), showed them precisely what he could do, and subsequently signed to them.

His first release through them is gonna happen on the biggest stage possible in Sweden – at Melodifestivalen. He’ll be competing with the song ‘Begging’, composed by Fredrik Kempe and Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, and he described it to us earlier today as up-tempo pop with big r&b influences. He’ll also be choreographing the number too.

Anyway, that’s all very well for next year, but what about now? Well, within minutes of his announcement of Melodifestivalen candidacy, Roxy Recordings released a video – the first footage of Anton as a singer. And so it’s here we meet Anton Ewald the popstar, as opposed to Anton the dancer. With that songwriting team and record label behind him, AND with his obvious popstar aura, he’s surely gonna be one to watch within the contest in February and March.

We’ll have our interview with him up here on the site soon, but until then – here’s the first glimpse of him as a singer. An acoustic guitar (with which he hopefully won’t be getting too familiar with for future releases!) cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Somebody To Love’;


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