Who? Swedish songwriter Ana Diaz has been behind songs for Britney Spears and David Guetta, as well as Scandipopstars like Agnes (‘One Last Time’) and Loreen (‘Crying Out Your Name’). Now she’s stepping out to the front as an artist, and releases her debut single ‘Fyll Upp Mitt Glas Nu’. It premiered on P3 Radio in Sweden last night.
What’s it like? A dreamy synth verse and an anthemic pop chorus make for good bedfellows. This is precisely the kind of strong debut we would have expected from such a brilliant songwriter, had we known she was planning on going out on her own. Whether you speak Swedish or not, that chorus is catchy. As is the menacingly detached middle eight – “fill my glass up now…..fill my glass up now……fill my glass up now”. Can you IMAGINE the songs she’s been keeping for her debut album? The fact that this is most definitely a thing, already makes the future a better prospect for pop.


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