Infernal: ‘Can’t Go Back’

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After faffing around under a new guise very briefly as Paw & Lina, plus a one-off collaboration with Kato, Danish popdance duo Infernal are finally actually properly back – with new single ‘Can’t Go Back’.

They released the track in Scandinavia this week, a very welcome return to their much loved sound. And if anything, it’s closest to the sound of their mega hit ‘From Paris To Berlin’ album than anything they’ve released since – well, their ‘From Paris To Berlin’ album. Although of course it’s up to date enough to sound like a pop track that’s current and relevant enough to be put out in 2012.

The chorus lyric “cos baby if we’re going down, could we fight and come back stronger. I know we’re gonna turn this round, cos we can’t go, can’t go back” is most probably about a waning relationship, but for added melodrama and realness, we’ve imagined that it’s actually about how their career has been on the skids of late

Welcome back guys. We’ve never stopped loving you, or anything you’ve released for that matter. But ‘Can’t Go Back’ is your best work in ages.

Can't Go Back - Single - Infernal


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