If U Siekk….inen

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Have you been wondering what Johanna Siekkinen, who came 5th in the Finnish national finals for the Eurovision in 2002, is up to these days?! Us too! So we were glad to find out that she’s got a brand new album ready to be released. And, what’s more, it’s DANCE MUSIC!!!

If you’re unfamiliar with the trappings of Johanna’s fruitful career, here’s a look at her highlight. It’s ‘Who Cares About A Broken Heart’, the song that she competed with in the 2002 national final for Eurovision in Finland and finished 5th. It’s a highly enjoyable schlager treat that was composed by Thomas G:Son and later covered by Charlotte Perrelli and called ‘Broken Heart’.

A generic gem! Her new dance direction isn’t any more outstanding, but has its charms all the same. There are clips of five of her new tracks up on her myspace, and also a full length upload of a dance track that she did earlier this year as a featured vocalist, ‘Ocean Blue’. It’s ‘Ocean Blue’ that we’re enjoying by far the most. It sounds like it belongs on a high end dance compilation from 2000 – all balaeric trance and commercial dance! We have no idea if this was an intentional step designed to evoke nostalgia amongst late twenties and early thirties folk who spent their youth ”pilling it up” in clubs, or if indeed their ideas of making dance music are ten years out of date – but we don’t care, we’re assuming it’s the former! Unfortunately, it looks like the guys behind ‘Ocean Blue’ have decided not to work with Johanna on her dance album. The rest of the tracks on her myspace just sound dated, but they’re worth a listen nonetheless. Especially ‘Find The Light’ and the leading single, ‘Feel What You Feel’.


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