Everybody, we want you to meet a brand new pop talent from Sweden. It’s Ida LaFontaine and her first record ‘Dancing 4 My Life’.

She’s a 15 year old girl who writes her own songs and has thus far been making a name for herself as a street dancer. But this is her debut single which has just charted as a new entry in Sweden’s Digilistan chart over the weekend. It’s RIGHT up our street, given that it’s a catchy pop number that’s been given a clubland ready makeover. You know how Sweden makes this sort of pop music better than anywhere else? Well yeah they’ve done it again.

In fairness, ‘Dancing 4 My Life’ is certainly nothing ground breaking. But when a new artist comes out and launches with a cracking song within our very favourite musical mold, we can’t help but feel a little bit excited about what’s to potentially come from them in the future. And that’s precisely the feeling we’re getting with Ida LaFontaine.

Press play;

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