Ida LaFontaine: ‘Anthem’

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Ida LaFontaine today releases her brand new single ‘Anthem’. It follows on from the genuinely quite awesome ‘YOLO‘ which despite being released in January, is STILL giving us LIFE this summer. Regardless though, we’ve been thirsty for new music from this Swedish up-and-comer. And it appears we’re now going to be getting it in droves…..

‘Anthem’ is the first of four singles to be taken from her forthcoming EP ‘CandyBox’, which will come out at the end of November. We DO like a hefty release schedule from a pop artist. So bravo to Ida for that.

This new single is all hand claps, drums beats, anthemic chorus, catchy melodies, and “dum-diddy-dum-de-dum-de-dum-dum“. As we all saw, heard, and loved with ‘YOLO’, Ida doesn’t shy away from the whole teen pop thing – what with her being a proud 17 year old and all that. But she does do it it remarkably well. In fact, along with those chaps from The Fooo, she’s probably the best teen pop act out there in Scandiland at the moment. As in – a teenager doing music that suits her age. And we want as much sugar coated pop gems from her as possible, before she gets too old for it. And therefore that ‘CandyBox’ EP title sounds promising.

‘Anthem’ is written by P Westerlund/L Dyson.

Here’s your new ‘Anthem’;


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