Icona Pop vs Madonna: ‘Nights Like Bonita’

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So. We were listening to P3 radio yesterday and this comes on. “Oooh“, we thought. “Someone has gone and sampled Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’. Oooh. It’s actually Swedish femmepop duo Icona Pop’s song ‘Nights Like This’. So it’s a mash-up is it?“. A quick google search later and we find out that it is indeed an official mash-up that the girls have put out. And it’s been floating around the web for over two months now.

Why on EARTH didn’t anyone tell us about it?! We tell YOU about everything…

Never mind.

It’s properly ace. In fact, it’s the best Swedish take on Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’ since Deetah went and tampered with it for ‘El Paraiso Rico’ back in the late 90’s. Actually, it may be even better. It really is quite brilliant.

Here is Icona Pop’s original ‘Nights Like This’, and HERE is this mash-up we speak so highly of;

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