Swedish pop duo Icona Pop have today released the video for their really quite amazing new single (that they’ve made together with Patrik Berger and Style Of Eye), ‘I Love It’.

It sounds like a slight cross between Robyn (hello there, Patrik Berger) and that fabulous and underrated Brit duo from the early/mid 90’s – Shampoo. We love Robyn, we love Shampoo, and we bloody well love ‘I Love It’ by Icona Pop! The vocals and production are in-you-face without being annoying, shouty without being lame, and attitude laden without being wanky. Why, it’s the most triumphant outcry of “I love it” in a pop song, since Lolly herself burst onto the scene with ‘Viva La Radio’!

The video is underground nightlife, fashion student fashion and handycam freedom. On a budget.

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