Iamamiwhoami: ‘Sever’

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We must admit – we don’t keep THAT up to date with the releases of Iamamiwhoami – aka Swedish artist Jonna Lee. Subliminal teaser promos and complex release campaigns are often a little too much of a task to follow, for what often results in music that is just too ‘out there’ for us to appreciate and enjoy. And reading discussions from fans on forums or under her YouTube videos tells us that we’ve only glimpsed over the tip of whatever story is going on in her art and what she’s trying to tell. However, yesterday she dropped a song and video that’s just – quite simply – really good!

It’s called ‘Sever’. Or maybe that’s just what she’s called the video. Fuck knows. But the song itself is SO gorgeous. A soft and soothing electro production with Jonna singing a lullaby-esque melody over the top of it. It’s a beautiful track, and very eerie with it – so Jonna hasn’t compromised any of her creep.

The video sees her in a room and later dancing with what looks like an overgrown mop head, but what her fans are calling the Clump Monster. Marvellous.

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