How to Create Good Visuals for a Strong YouTube Channel

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Videos about kittens, easy recipes, SEO trends, and so on — the variety of topics you can choose to ensure your audience stays glued to their device and stays on your channel is impressive. Although YouTube promotion strategies are primarily about organic traffic growth tools, there are basic elements that will help your track stand out — its visuals.

No matter how good your content is, you risk losing a considerable part of your prospective audience just because they feel like they need to click the link and watch your video. That’s why working on your channel’s banners, icons, and thumbnails is necessary.

Decide on What Content You Like to Create

This way, you can narrow down the palette of options to style your channel and posts. For instance, for those interested in creating videos for audiences in the SaaS industry, here is a short selection of ideas and formats to get started:

  • “What is” videos on relevant and business-related matters;
  • how-to guides that instruct consumers of special skills on using software and so on;
  • thematic videos about the latest news and trends in the market;
  • educational and training guides.

Each of the formats above comes with its unique expectations and top-notch visual creation practices. Bright colors and simple typefaces in black or white on video covers will deliver your message loudly and clearly. Deciding on the content strategy of your channel will also guide you in selecting good visuals for it. 

As a headlining visual for your space-related videos, Fluffy teddy bears won’t work — they will rather confuse your audience. Although it is quite a rushed example, its meaning is clear: don’t let your poor visuals make your visitors leave your channel too soon.

Graphics for Your YouTube Channel

Before you make any post on the platform, take time to boost its appealing and attention-grabbing nature. YouTube graphics are quite varied.


Although several content makers underestimate this element, it is a crucial component of the platform’s video images and other visuals. The right font and text size choice can drastically change your impression of video essays, vlogs, or deep dives. Make sure the target typeface is readable and aesthetic. What’s more, when creating your content visuals, check what amount of time is adequate to get acquainted with the information in the text form.


First of all, you either use royalty-free pictures or follow the corresponding guidelines on social media. Secondly, images don’t boil down to professionally taken photos — high-quality screenshots, infographics, and collages can prove your point and highlight your ideas.

Besides, infographics and animation will take your channel’s visuals to the next level and show how audience-oriented you are. The brighter and more peculiar attention-grabbing formats you stick to, the more interactive tools you can rely on to entice more prospective subscribers.


Key Takeaway

You won’t have any trouble coming up with entertaining and original ideas for your content and visuals — there are so many ways to go and ensure your brand stands out on YouTube. Using professional third-party solutions, you can flawlessly convey your concepts without ruining your account’s aesthetics.

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