Hits that have already been performed in the new Sphere in Las Vegas

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The capital of gambling with access to no verification casino UK has a new music venue that impresses with its architecture, technology and atmosphere. This is the Sphere at Venice Resort, the largest spherical arena in the world that can accommodate up to 18 thousand spectators. The Sphere is equipped with a huge spherical screen that covers the inside and outside of the arena and provides incredible visual effects. The Sphere also has a high-quality sound system that creates the effect of presence and immersion.

The Sphere opened on 29 September 2023 with a concert by the legendary band U2, which was the first of a series of performances by world stars scheduled for the near future. Among them are Lady Gaga, Coldplay, BeyoncĂ©, Ed Sheeran, and others. Each of them has prepared a special show programme that uses all the Sphere’s capabilities.

First appearances in the Sphere

A new era of musical and cultural experience has begun at The Strip with a breathtaking concert by the legendary band U2. Here are some of the first events:

1. The U2 concert was the first musical performance in the Sphere Arena, which has the world’s largest spherical screen. The band performed their hits such as “Beautiful Day”, “Where the Streets Have No Name”, “One” and others, as well as presented new songs from the album “Songs of Experience”. The stars used powerful visual effects that were broadcast on the walls of the Sphere, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

2. Darren Aronofsky’s Postcards from Earth was screened exclusively in the Sphere, using its huge screen to showcase breathtaking footage of Earth’s nature and outer space. The film is a documentary drama that tells the story of people who went on a mission to Mars but crashed and were left without contact with Earth. They send postcards from the Earth in which they share their memories, feelings and hopes. The film received high praise from critics and audiences alike, who admired its emotional power and visual beauty. It is a film that should be seen on the big screen of the Sphere to experience its grandeur and intimacy.

3. Katy Perry’s concert was one of the most anticipated events in the Sphere, bringing together thousands of her fans. The singer presented her new album “Electric”, which contains songs dedicated to her motherhood, love and ecology. Katy Perry impressed the audience with her voice, charisma and costumes that reflected the different themes of her album. The Spheres screen showed colourful animations that created the effect of being in different worlds.

It cannot be overemphasised that this place has become a source not only for big stars, but also for anyone seeking the magic of music and visual art. When travelling among the various gambling activities of different countries in one city, this is the place that emphasises the enchantment of Las Vegas. The sphere has become not just an arena, but a place where emotions, talent and technology merge to create a unique world that leaves a mark on the heart of everyone who embarks on this musical adventure.

Great Artistic Performance

One of the most anticipated performances in the Sphere was Adele’s concert, which returned to the stage after a five-year break. Adele presented her new album, which has already become a hit, and performed her most famous songs. The audience was fascinated by her voice, emotions and charisma. Adele also talked to her fans, telling them about her life, love and work. She thanked Sfera for the opportunity to perform in such an incredible place, which, in her words, “makes you feel like you’re in space”. Adele’s performance lasted more than two hours and ended with a standing ovation. Some of the songs that Adele performed at her concert were:

1. Hello – the first single from her new album, which became a global hit and garnered billions of views on YouTube. This song is about an attempt to reconnect with an ex-lover whom she hasn’t seen in ten years. Adele sang this song with such power and emotion that the audience immediately responded by applauding and singing along.

2. Someone Like You is one of Adele’s most popular songs, which has become an anthem for everyone who has experienced a breakup with a loved one. This song is about Adele coming to terms with the fact that her ex has found a new lover, but still remembers her. Adele performed this song with piano accompaniment, creating an intimate and touching atmosphere. The audience listened to her with admiration and sadness, and some even cried.

3. Rolling in the Deep is one of Adele’s most successful songs, which became a hit in many countries and received many awards. This song is about how Adele took revenge on her ex who betrayed her. Adele performed this song with such energy and confidence that the audience felt her strength and anger. The audience supported her with loud screams and applause, and sang the refrain with her. In addition to these songs, Adele also performed her other hits such as Skyfall, Set Fire to the Rain, Chasing Pavements, Rumour Has It, When We Were Young and others. She also sang some songs from her new album, such as Easy on Me, I Drink Wine, Hold On and others. Each song was accompanied by impressive visuals on a spherical screen that created different moods and images. For example, during Skyfall, the screen showed scenes from the James Bond film of the same name, during Set Fire to the Rain, the screen turned into a fireball, and during I Drink Wine, the screen showed vineyards and bottles of wine.

Music events and festivals

Sphere will become a venue for various music events and festivals that will bring together artists of different genres and cultures. One of these events is Sphere Fest, which will take place in July 2024. It will be a four-day music festival featuring more than a hundred performers on three stages. Among the invited guests are Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Drake, BTS, The Weeknd, and others. Sphere Fest promises to be the biggest and brightest music event of the year, which will show the diversity and beauty of music. Sphere attracts the attention of many artists who want to perform in this unrivalled venue. Some of them have already announced their plans for the future. For example, Metallica plans to give a concert in Sphere in September 2024, which will be part of their world tour. The band promises to make their performance unforgettable, using all the Sphere’s capabilities to create loud and powerful sound and impressive visual effects.

Madonna is also expected to perform in the Sphere, as she is preparing a new album and show programme. She has already stated that the Sphere is “the perfect platform for her work”. Other artists who may perform in the Sphere are Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Eminem and others.

Possible performances and their main participants:

1. Bruno Mars, plans to give a concert in Sphere in August 2024, which will be part of his tour in support of his new album. He promises to make his performance dynamic, fun and romantic, performing his greatest hits such as Uptown Funk, 24K Magic, Just the Way You Are and others. He will also use the Sphere to create different scenarios, such as jungle, city, space, and others.

2. Taylor Swift, she plans to give a concert in the Sphere in September 2024, which will be part of her tour in support of her new album. She promises to make her performance emotional, exciting and unforgettable by performing her newest songs such as Willow, Cardigan, Exile and others. She will also use the Sphere to create different atmospheres, such as a forest, beach, castle, and others.

3. Rihanna, she is planning to give a concert in the Sphere in October 2024, which will be part of her tour in support of her new album. She promises to make her performance sexy, hot, and explosive by performing her most popular songs such as Diamonds, Work, Umbrella, and others. She will also use the Sphere to create various effects such as fire, water, light, and more.

Sphere Fest will be not only a musical festival, but also a social and cultural one. The festival will be attended by various media, bloggers, stars, influencers and others. The festival will also include various events such as exhibitions, masterclasses, lectures, contests, lotteries, and others. Sphere Fest will be a place where you can not only enjoy music, but also meet new people, learn something new, have fun and get an unforgettable experience.

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