So. While Sweden gets the sublime ‘Save Me (This Is An SOS)‘ as the new single from Helena Paparizou, other territories will be getting a different new single from her – ‘The Groove Is The Solution’.

‘The Groove Is The Solution’ is the kind of song we’d love Kylie Minogue to comeback with. Well, we’d love her to come back with something like ‘Save Me’ also – but that’s too unrealistic. The production on ‘The Groove Is The Solution’ is particularly Kylie-esque. And elsewhere it’s a bit of hotch-potch of (hop) pop. A rapped bridge, a minimal chorus, and a lot of fast paced disco merged with commercial house music. The song is quite the treat. And we love Helena for making it.

No idea who wrote it, when it’s out, or where it’s out, sorry readers. But behold – you can listen to it in full here;


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