Helen Sjöholm: ‘Som Skapta För Varandra’

HelenSjöholm e1365675279552

So basically Fredrik Kempe and Jonas Gardell are putting together a musical – a new version of Livet Är En Schlager, the cult Swedish film from the turn of the century. Same storyline, but with new tunes courtesy of one of THE best schlager and pop songwriters of our time, Mr Fredrik Kempe.

The musical isn’t due until 2014, but already we’ve just had the very first taste of music from it.

It’s ‘Som Skapta För Varandra’, performed by Helen Sjöholm who will also star in the musical. It starts off as a ballad and then turns into a slightly camp, very old fashioned, rambunctious old ROMP of a song! A drunken, rowdy and lairy leg kicker. Very melodic and tuneful, and actually quite reminiscent of one of the better songs from Benny Andersson’s Orchestra, which Helen Sjöholm herself also sings on.

It’s love at first listen. And if it’s any indication of how good the rest of the musical is gonna sound, we’re looking for it to Livet Är En Schlager immensely!

Here’s Helen performing the song at En helkväll med Jonas Gardell a few weeks back;


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