Hanson, Körsen & ManLookAtThis!

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We hadn’t really intended on covering Swedish television series, Körslaget, on scandipop. In fact we hadn’t even planned on watching any of it. HOWEVER, last night we found ourselves in the position of being in the not unpleasant immediate vicinity of its broadcast, and we’re very glad that we did, because we thus witnessed something completely and utterly amazing.


And THAT is the Swedish schlager legend, Ann-Louise Hanson, conducting a choir to join her in a rendition of her 2004 Melodifestivalen hit, ‘C’est La Vie’. For those who aren’t familiar with the format, Körslaget is a series that has been running for a few years in Sweden (and in other countries too, under different names), in which a bunch of celebrities each put together and lead a choir from a different small town in Sweden. The celeb and their choir then has to perform a song on TV each week, with viewers voting for their favourite. The least popular is eliminated every week until the winner is crowned in the grand final.

We’ve always loved the original ‘C’est La Vie’, not just because it’s a fantastic song, but also because of the uncompromisingly joyful performance that accompanied it first time around by Ann-Louise along with Towa Carson and Siw Mlmkvist (which you can re-live here!). And so we were happy to see that said joy had been recreated in the performance above. It’s just SO heartwarming, isn’t it?! And they’ve even incorporated a new ad-lib into the song, right at the end, which replicates the excited spontaneity that we witnessed from the three original performers on the Globen stage seven years ago!

We positively thrive on this sort of thing, readers, we honestly do.

Unfortunately however, SOMEHOW, that above performance got the lowest number of televotes last night, and Ann-Louise and her choir were eliminated from the series. 🙁

You can keep track of Körslaget over the coming weeks at TV4’s website, however, even if you don’t fancy watching any more, you really really really must watch the below performance. All of the choirs got together on stage and performed a version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’. And it’s absolutely phenomenal!!!

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