Hanging with Robyn

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Robyn turned in another legendary performance this week. An on primetime US television at that! She appeared on David Letterman’s show singing ‘Dancing On My Own’. And if you’ve seen her perform it before, you know how much of a treat that is. It’s one of our absolute favourite songs of the year, and seeing it live makes it even more special. After watching the Letterman performance, we went on over the US iTunes top 100 chart this morning, expecting to see it flying. But it’s actually still not on there yet – perhaps it isn’t available yet. Or perhaps not enough people cared. We dread to think it’s the latter! I mean look at his;

In a week of good stuff for Robyn fans, her new single got its first play on radio. It’s the original version of ‘Hang With Me’, the acoustic version of which appeared on her last album. And therein lies a problem. We already fell in love with the acoustic version a few months back. So hearing the single version, just feels a bit wrong really. In our mind, it sounds like a remix. And it would be fine if it was being treated as a remix, but it’s actually the lead version. The single. The track they’re gonna play on radio, and make a video for. It’s still a great song of course, the gorgeous lyrics, the amazing chorus, and the beautiful verses are still there. But it just sounds a bit….too noisy. Thankfully we seem to be in the minority in this, as online feedback has been very positive. And we will of course bear with it. But for now we have our preferences, that’s all. Here it is;

And finally, this week saw an incredible blog post about Robyn over at the dontstopthepop blog. They’ve compiled their favourite pre-independence Robyn songs into a 3 Disc hypothetical Greatest Hits collection, including a remix disc! Amazing. You can read the great insight into her earlier career and sound here.

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