Håkan Lidbo feat. Jessica Folcker & Cleo: ‘Electric’

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You may well remember back in February, quite a special interval act took place during heat 2 of Melodifestivalen in Gothenburg. A mash-up of Swedish songs through the years that have been called either ‘Electric’, or ‘Elektrisk’ – just for the hell of it, y’know! Anyway, the highlight of this segment was CLEARLY when Jessica Folcker made her return to the Melodifestivalen stage, joined by Cleo, to sing a new rendition of Leila K’s classic hit ‘Electric’.

And now some months later, thanks to new Swedish dance label Uniform Beat, it’s getting released as a single in its own right.

Produced by Håkan Lidbo, it starts off as some sort of futuristic take on the song – beyond even 2012. In fact at first, the only reminder that this is a 2012 track you’re listening to, is the slight hint towards dubstep that plays out. But then after a pumped up breakdown that lasts around 30 seconds, the song rewinds a couple of decades into sheer 90’s nostalgia – thus placing the listener back into the lap of the era that Leila K first brought us the original ‘Electric’.

It’s really quite brilliant. Whether you liked/know the original or not.

You can listen to the full thing below. And if that leaves you hankering for more – there’s the extended version streaming here.


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